Greeks to rally against use of ‘Macedonia’ in name dispute with Skopje

‘Macedonia is Greece’ – reads a billboard hanged over a stage in downtown Thessaloniki where a long-announced protest against the use of term ‘Macedonia’ in any solution to Athens-Skopje name dispute is set to commence at 14:00h local time.  The police have tightened the security measures for the protest, as well as the counter-protest of the anarchist and left-wing organizations.

It will be the first big protest in Greece since the two countries agreed this month to renew efforts to settle the 25-year old dispute. Organizers said they expected tens of thousands of people to turn out on Sunday and more rallies are planned in northern Greece this week, MIA reports from Athens.

The protest is organized by Greek associations and Diaspora organizations, enjoying the support of political parties, sports and religious groups, mayors and church dignitaries.

One our earlier, namely at 13:00h local time, anarchist and left-wing organizations are set to stage protest in another part of Thessaloniki against nationalism, because they say, it means blood, violence, war and death.

Part of Greek media online editions say they will offer live coverage of the protest.