Zaev: Parliament endorsement or snap elections

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said late Sunday that a peaceful and democratic referendum has been administered in Macedonia.

“If a large majority of citizens voted ‘For’, then their will should be implemented in the Parliament. Otherwise, snap elections will be scheduled,” said PM Zaev in a statement after polling stations were closed at the referendum.

According to him, the will of those who voted at this consultative referendum should be turned into political activity in the Parliament.

“If, as expected, there is a large majority ‘For’ from those who voted, then the future is clear. The vote of MPs should favor the acceleration of the processes towards NATO and EU membership. We expect VMRO-DPMNE MPs to respect the democratic decision. Otherwise, we will have to use the other tool at our disposal – early elections,” said Zaev.

He voiced expectation that despite the organized boycott by the opposition leaders, with few exceptions, a large majority of citizens have chosen the European path.

Zaev noted that the referendum is the highest democratic tool and the vote given at a referendum is final, whereas the people’s will must be respected by all.