Zaev: Opposition needs to call citizens to vote at referendum

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expects support from MPs of the ruling majority over the referendum initiative, reiterating that September 30 is the target date for the vote.

“Procedures have been launched in the Parliament. A large majority of MPs have signed the initiative for scheduling of the referendum,” PM Zaev told reporters in Kumanovo on Monday.

He urged the opposition to engage and call citizens to vote at the referendum.

“The referendum question is the one we unveiled – Are you in favor of EU and NATO membership by supporting the agreement between Macedonia and Greece?. The referendum will be a consultative one and I once again urge the opposition to get engaged and call on citizens to vote,” said Zaev.

According to him, this is a historic decision that defines the country’s future.

“This is a historic decision not only because it is put for a referendum vote, but because it defines the future of the Republic of Macedonia,” added Zaev.

He stressed that all stakeholders are obliged to create the conditions so that people are motivated to vote.

“I am convinced that we are on the right path and know that the referendum will be a success,” underlined PM Zaev.