Zaev: In principle there is consent over a consensual presidential candidate

Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev will continue talks with coalition partners over a consensual presidential candidate at a meeting with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti on Monday.

“Today we are resuming meetings with our coalition partners from the Albanian bloc. First we will meet DUI, then BESA of Afrim Gashi and DPA. I will make an effort to meet with Zijadin Sela of the Alliance of Albanians and BESA of Bilal Kasami, in order to see whether we could all support a joint candidate who is acceptable for all citizens, regardless of the political, ethnic and social affiliation. I believe this is doable, once again confirming the concept One Society for All and sending a serious message of encouragement to our citizens regarding the responsibility to support a person that we know in advance will be an excellent President of the Republic of North Macedonia,” said PM Zaev.

Zaev also said that leaders of parties of the SDSM-led coalition confirmed late Sunday their agreement in principle over a joint presidential candidate.