VMRO warns the Official Gazette Director: This is a punishable violation of the law

VMRO-DPMNE warned the Director of the Official Gazette, Martin Kostovski, that the publication of the Law on Languages ​​in the Official Gazette is a crime that does not become obsolete and it foresees a prison sentence. He carries direct responsibility, and everyone else that was involved.

“We warn the director of the Official Gazette Martin Kostovski that publishing a law in the Gazette without the signature of the President is a criminal act for which there are is statute of limitations. All involved in this brutal violation of the laws will be held responsible. SDSM is again raping the democracy and the rule of law in Macedonia. The SDSM led Government is forcefully turning the Republic of Macedonia into a bilingual state,” VMRO-DPMNE said in its press release.

According to them, if the government is really sincere in its intentions, instead of implementing non-essential laws, they should try to fulfill the promises they gave before the elections for a better life through economic policies and really improve the lives of the Albanians in Macedonia by opening new jobs and everything that they had promised.

“But since this is only an attempt to win over Albanians before the elections by committing this crime, one day when they lose power, they will bear responsibility before justice and will face the punishment for this crime,” threatened the opposition party.