US Embassy: Macedonian Parliament to move forward and focus on necessary reforms

It is important that the Parliament moves forward with its agenda and focuses on the necessary reforms with all parties saying they will support them in a bid to meet the European and Euro-Atlantic integration bid of Macedonia, the US Embassy in Skopje said Friday commenting on recent developments involving the adoption of the language law.

PM Zoran Zaev, it said, yesterday asserted that the duty and responsibility of the government and political leaders in Macedonia was to advance the interests of all citizens in the country.

As regards the Law on the Use of Languages, Deputy PM (Bujar) Osmani earlier this week in Brussels reiterated that the government would send the law to the Venice Commission for evaluation and to give recommendations to make sure the law is in compliance with European standards, stated the US Embassy.

On Tuesday, the US Department of State official, Wess Mitchell, in Skopje said Macedonia had made tremendous steps in the process of building a strong democracy.

The country has the chance to make progress on its path to the EU and NATO, which is supported by an overwhelming majority of the citizens, noted the embassy.