Tupurkovski: After 27 years this is the only viable solution

We need to accept the name deal because it is the only viable solution, said Vasil Tupurkovski in a recent interview with MIA. Tupurkovski is an expert in international law, founder of the erstwhile Democratic Alternative party and current president of the Macedonian Olympic Committee.

“Twenty-seven years ago,” Tupurkovski said, “we had quite an acceptable proposal to solve the problems between Macedonia and Greece. We didn’t take the chance. Now Macedonia and Greece have found a mutually acceptable solution. Let’s be realistic. This option is worse, but it’s 27 years later, and it’s the only viable solution. We won’t find a better one after new decades of looking and sacrificing future generations. So, we need to accept the deal.”

Tupurkovski also highlighted the need to acknowledge the support the international community has given the name agreement considering its geostrategic significance.

“This agreement,” he said, “also affects the international community, whose values the majority of Macedonia’s citizens share. The solution the international community supports takes into account not only Macedonia’s and Greece’s interests but also regional geopolitical and geostrategic interests. Everyone in Macedonia needs to respect and accept this as our contribution to stability and peace.”

Unfortunately, according to Tupurkovski, there are political factors that have been sowing discord among the people.

“Patriots,” he said, “are only those who work to improve our lives. And airing differing opinions doesn’t turn people into traitors.

“On Sept. 30, we’re not fighting for any political parties. We’re fighting for our unity. And that’s the greatest benefit of this referendum – if we are willing to recognize this both as a people and individuals.”