Still no decision on Veljanovski’s immunity

After a two-day debate, the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory-Immunity Issues has not decided whether to honor the Court’s request to strip MP Trajko Veljanovski of his parliamentary immunity over his alleged involvement in the events of April 27.

Chairman Pavle Bogoevski said the request would be forwarded to Parliament to decide on during a plenary session after four members of the Committee voted in favor, while the other four voted against.

The Committee’s members fiercely debated whether lifting Veljanovski’s parliamentary immunity was justified, with the opposition saying his charges were politically motivated while majority MPs insisted that April 27 organizers be identified and held accountable.

Criminal Court summoned Veljanovski last Wednesday, together with former ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski, under suspicion of organizing the April 27 storming of Parliament.

The two former ministers were detained, while Veljanoski avoided arrest on account of his parliamentary immunity.