SPO’s Monster trial adjourned until August 31

The trial for the Monster case of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office for the five-time murder of Smilkovsko Lake from 12 April 2012 continues on August 31 with the hearing the protected witness by the court.

At today’s hearing, the protected witness was answering questions from the defense attorneys after the hearing of the SPO ended on August 22.

The defense tried to overthrow the credibility of the statement of the protected witness with several questions, starting from how they were dressed at the previous hearing and whether it was true that he was at the scene or learned about it from the media.

The protected witness, who gave the statement from another room with a disguised voice and blurred image, repeated several times that he was on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of April at the scene, where he saw a Golf 3 with tinted glass in several different locations, as well as other two vehicles. Asked if he was at the scene that particular evening, the witness said yes, and confirmed that he had seen four bodies.