Ruci: Albania will probably ratify Macedonia’s NATO Accession protocol on Thursday

Albania’s Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruci has told Macedonian Ambassador Danco Markovski that the NATO Accession Protocol would be ratified very soon.

“The first possible date for the ratification is during the next parliament session on Thursday,” said Ruci and added that the government has already passed the decision.

Ruci and Markovski discussed the NATO Accession Protocol, friendly relations and enhancement of bilateral economic cooperation.

“I welcome the NATO Accession Protocol of North Macedonia, a long-awaited historic achievement of a neighboring country that we share a common Euro-Atlantic future with,” said Ruci.

He added that despite the heated political environment in Albania, all parliamentary political parties have said they would endorse the NATO Accession Protocol.

Ambassador Markovski thanked Speaker Ruci for Albania’s continual support to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration efforts.