Rama: Albania says ‘No’ to refugee camps

The announcement of refugee camps and their possible construction in Balkan countries that are not part of the European Union have sparked a harsh debate in Albania and continues to this day. Called to a political show, Albania’s Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati was asked whether the construction of refugee camps was set up in Albania as a condition, and whether foreign ministers from EU member-states negotiated with Albania on the subject, Bushati said:
“None of this is true, this was never discussed. Prime Minister Edi Rama was very clear and there will be no further discussion on this topic,” Bushati said.
Although initially decided not to comment on the subject, Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama, however, made an announcement and told top EU officials that in no case did they agree for those camps to be built in Albania. In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, Rama assessed that such a series of events would be dangerous for Albania.

“The European Union’s plans to build refugee camps in Balkan countries, have received a clear response from Albania, that we, like Libya, are opposed to building such camps in Albania. We are opposed to unloading migrants as if they were some unwanted toxic waste. Albania is always ready to give its fair share to resolving pan-European problems but cannot do it alone,” Rama explained.

Apart from Albania, Macedonia is also mentioned as a country where reception centers for Syrian refugees would be built, which would be funded by European Union funds.
However, European Commission President Donald Tusk was clear that the refugee problem would be one of the points for which EU member states will discuss the upcoming Union summit and will require a long-term solution acceptable to all parties. The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani shares a similar position and expectations.

According to the information, Macedonia and Albania are in the European map for the construction of refugee camps because simply because Macedonia and Albania are not part of the European Union, and in fact the two countries are the main gates that, according to the European Commission plan, should be under strict control from the European Union.

Blerim Ismaili