President Ivanov extends holiday greetings in New Year’s video address

The arrival of a new year sets off in each and every one of us a fresh hope, fresh expectations and a yearning for a more beautiful, happier and careless future. At the very end, we would like to forget this year and we wish the coming year was a year of fulfillment of all our wishes and dreams.

This was stated by President Gjorge Ivanov in his New Year’s video address.

“In these moments when we feel the power of hope and joy, we turn to the main human values. We feel the need to show solidarity, to be compassionate, honorable and just. To love each other, to forgive each other and to respect each other. The positive thoughts guiding us through joy in these festive days should also be our beacon throughout the year. But, we should also be honest with ourselves and accept our own mistakes and learn from them. We should be brave facing the call of responsibility and all of us, together, to commit ourselves to building a fair society based on truth, freedom and peace. Only a successful and prosperous homeland will allow us to make our dreams come true,” said President Ivanov.

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