PM Zaev: United for European Macedonia coalition is open to all political parties

 Following Wednesday evening’s meeting of parties who support the name agreement with Greece and the referendum, Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said he expects more supporters to join the ‘United for European Macedonia’ coalition.

“The point of this coalition,” MP Zaev said on Thursday, “is to create a movement in support of the referendum and its success. We urge citizens to vote for a European Macedonia, for the future, and for Macedonia’s integration processes into NATO and the EU by supporting the name deal with Greece.”

He apologized to anyone who did not receive an official invitation, saying that all parties were welcome to join.

“Everyone is invited, to the smallest political subjects. It would be best if all of Macedonia stands united around this campaign, so it’s an open invitation, even to the opposition. If we’re all for NATO and the EU, we will contribute to a successful referendum by achieving a turnout of more than 900,000 voters,” PM Zaev said.

The ‘United for European Macedonia’ political parties have agreed to call on citizens to come out on Sept. 30 and vote Yes in the upcoming name referendum.