PM Zaev believes 2018 will bring solution to name dispute, NATO membership invitation and start of EU accession talks

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev believes in the possibility for the name dispute to be resolved, Macedonia to obtain a date for opening the EU accession talks and an invitation for NATO membership in the first half of 2018.

‘I am just a common citizen with a feeling of doubt about certain matters, including the name issue. But I know that the existing optimism and friendship we have been building will bring us benefit, namely create favorable climate to finally finding a solution to this problem Greece is having with our constitutional name,’ Zaev told a joint press conference with Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski.

Macedonia, he said, is firmly determined to wholeheartedly dive in the process for settling the name issue.

“I am sure that finding a solution to the matter is possible, which naturally requires for the other party to express readiness in addition to the present optimism. This was the reason for me to celebrate the New Year Eve in Thessaloniki,’ Zaev said, pointing out that during his stay there he got two phone calls from Greece’s Prime and Foreign Ministers, Alexis Tsipras and Nikos Kotzias respectively.

I believe that in this manner I am embettering the overall climate for settling the name issue, Zaev said.

‘2018 may certainly be an excellent year for Macedonia as it can obtain a date for commencing the EU accession talks and an invitation for full-fledged NATO membership. It means that the economy will finally gain momentum to grow and bring better living standard to all citizens,’ PM Zaev said.