Over 320 Greek intellectuals support the Prespa agreement

We, the leftists, the democrats and the progressive citizens, support the agreement, because we oppose nationalism and revisionism and we are committed to a peaceful European, Balkan neighborhood, as the agreement surpasses nationalist and religious tensions, reads the text in support of Prespa agreement signed by over 320 Greek intellectuals including university professors, journalists, writers.

The signatories consider that the solution between Macedonia and Greece “ensures the future of the nations of both countries, but also the Balkan neighborhood in peace, solidarity and common development,” fully corresponds to the Greek positions for a compound name with a geographical qualifier and “clearly determines the political, historical and the cultural borders between Greece and North Macedonia.”

“It respects the dignity and the right to self-determination of the neighbouring country. It confirms the agreement on the language (as has been recognized by our country for decades) and the citizenship of the neighbouring country and shows in practice the will of Greece for building a stable future of friendship and peace with “North Macedonia.” Greece, as a democratic and European country, respects the decisions and basic principles of the UN,” reads the text.

Greek media outlets said that so far 326 people have signed the text, including university professors, journalists, historians, actors, directors, writers, lawyers.