Osmani: Procedure on the law on languages was not violated

-“The procedure has not been violated in the adoption of the Law on the Use of Languages and the President is obliged to sign the bill”, said Vice Premier for European Affairs Bujar Osmani on Thursday.

“Macedonia has closed an important chapter of its history and as of today it is more unified in its EU and NATO challenges,” said Osmani.

Regarding claims that the law was passed beyond the 30-day deadline after the President failed to sign the bill, the Vice Premier said the law should have been scheduled for a Parliament session, not passed, during that period.

“Adopted laws can be altered only by draft-laws amending the existing law,” Osmani told reporters at the sidelines of a conference in Parliament dedicated to judiciary reforms.

He added that President Ivanov is obliged to sign the bill, in line with Article 75 of the Constitution.