Osmani: Government remains fully committed to implementing the undertaken obligations

Vice-Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani, Special Advisor for Euro-Atlantic Integrations in the PM’s Office Bojan Maricic and Dutch Ambassador to Macedonia Wouter Plomp discussed Thursday on the government activities for preparing Macedonia to start the EU accession talks.

Macedonia is determined to resume the reform processes, especially in the spheres of judiciary, security services and public administration, fight against organized crime and corruption, Osmani said.

Today’s meeting also referred to the upcoming referendum, with Osmani emphasizing the role and responsibility of politicians, as well as every individual to make the right decision in favor of Macedonia’s future. He affirmed the government’s unwavering determination for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic orientation.

‘We are all fully committed to implementing the undertaken obligations, and I am sure that the citizens of Macedonia will make the right decision for the future of the country,’ Osmani said.

He extended gratitude for the Dutch regular support of Macedonia’s aspirations to join the Euro-Atlantic organization, the Secretariat for European Affairs said in a press release.