Norway to double financial aid to Macedonia

Norway will double the financial support to Macedonia in the upcoming period, said Norwegian Ambassador Arne Sannes Bjornstad during Wednesday’s meeting with PM Zoran Zaev.

Bjornstad informed Zaev that most of the funds from this significant increase in Norway’s participation in promoting the country’s policies will be directed towards establishing a fund for socio-economic development of underdeveloped regions in Macedonia, Government’s Press Service told.

At the meeting Bjornstad also said that part of the funds are intended to the processes for country’s preparing for NATO and EU membership and to support the interethnic aspects of education that are implemented in Macedonia through Nansen Dialogue Center, reads the government’s press release.

Interlocutors also discussed about current political developments in the country and the region. Bjornstad said that Norway closely monitors the developments and congratulates the current reform process in the key areas in the country and government’s contribution to the progress in resolving the name issue.

He especially emphasised the government’s commitment for cooperation and inclusion of the opposition in these processes.

Zaev thanked for exceptionally good cooperation with the Kingdom of Norway as well as for the support that Macedonia receives from this country for the reforms and the Euro-Atlantic integration.