Mother and four children killed in house fire in Tetovo

Mother and four children have died in a fire that broke out early Wednesday in house of Zulbaeri family in Tetovo.

Relatives and neighbours of the victims told that Fatime Zulbeari (39) and her four children aged four to 13 have died in the fire. The husband and father was at work and was not in the house when the fire broke out.

“The fire has broken out early Wednesday morning at around 4:15 in the second floor of the house, but the flames also engulfed other houses. However we succeed to prevent fire to spread to other neighbouring houses which are very old,” said Uka Aliti, head of Tetovo fire department.

Firefighters fully extinguished the fire. And the cause of the horrific fire has yet to be established, Aliti said.

At the moment, public prosecutor is investigating the fire site in cooperation with police and fire department.