Mogherini: Macedonia back on the right track

I am bringing the good news that the European Commission has recommended for Macedonia to commence the EU accession talks, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, said Wednesday at a joint press conference with Prime minister Zoran Zaev.

Macedonia has returned to the right track and this achievement is a joint success of the government, parliament, opposition and all citizens of Macedonia, she said.

Macedonia’s government has made significant progress on the road to EU for the last ten months, which is recognized and appreciated by the Union, Zaev said.

Following the implementation of reforms, the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria, Macedonia is also on the right track to resolve the open issue with Greece, Zaev said.

He reaffirmed the government’s readiness to keep working on the necessary reforms, expressing belief that Macedonia would obtain a date for commencing the EU accession talks in June.

The EU, NATO membership is Macedonia’s top priority, the PM said.