Mogherini: Clear EC recommendation is a result of government’s efforts, and cooperation of opposition

Clear recommendation of the European Commission is a result of the Government’s efforts but also the cooperation of the opposition, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said Thursday delivering the speech at the Macedonian Parliament.

“You share the responsibility for the future of the citizens and of your country. The government has the responsibility to open up the space for full participation and inclusion of the opposition and the opposition has the responsibility to engage and to contribute constructively in this work. You have the responsibility to identify the national interest and priorities of your country, you have collective responsibility inside the institutions to work together to achieve results on these national priorities,” Mogherini said.

Macedonia is back on EU path and this is where you should be, she said.

“When I think of the situation I found one year ago in this parliament and where you today, you have come a long way. You are back on track, you have overcome the worst political and institutional crisis you have ever experienced. This is a major achievement you have to be proud of, all of you, each and everyone. And this is an achievement for all in the country and this is an achievement that has been reached thanks to the determination and contribution of every single citizen of this country,” Mogherini underlined.

She recognized steps made on reforms, adoption of law in important spheres, but reiterated that now it is necessary country to focus on their implementation.

She is confident that talks with Greece can lead to solution to the name dispute that will be satisfactory for both sides and will be foundation of the common future inside the European continent.