MLSP submits criminal charges to the Prosecutor’s office with documents from the pension system analysis

Today, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy submits criminal charges against the unknown perpetrator and all the documents from the pension system analysis to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office, which revealed the irregularities in the distribution of contributions for some of the future pensioners.

– The study of the pension system by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy with the International Financial Institutions for the first time in 12 years revealed that 12,000 insured persons paid contributions were only in the state pension pillar. They were not allocated funds in the private (second) pillar, even though the insured met the conditions. In this way, the right to a higher pension of these 12,000 future pensioners was directly cut short. Thus, one insured with an average salary has lost about 95 thousand denars in the period from 2007 to 2018, it is stated in the statement.

The Ministry of Labor and Politics, as they point out, corrects the injustice that the previous government has imposed on these people and returns the money to the citizens.

-For this purpose, the private pension companies will be paid a sum of 19 million euros provided by the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia. These funds will be allocated to the damaged insured persons, ie to each of about 400,000 denars, says the Ministry.