Ministry of Foreign Affairs: By revealing ultimate positions, room for negotiating is reduced

Ahead of the visit of the UN special envoy Matthew Nimetz, appointed to mediate the name talks, we emphasize that by publicly revealing ultimate positions, the room for negotiating could be diminished, the office of Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told MIA.

“On our part, we have shown good will for a mutually acceptable solution that will abide by the interests, dignity and identity of the two nations. To reach an agreement requires the other party to show good will, too,” Dimitrov’s office said.

The response of the Macedonian Foreign Ministry comes after an interview of Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotsias for the Greek state broadcaster ERT, in which he said that Greece in February would forward to Macedonia a four-point agreement. According to Athens, the document should lay foundations for settling the name issue and for opening Macedonia’s road to NATO and EU integration.