Minister Mancevski: Depoliticization and fair salary system in public administration

A professional, efficient, accountable and transparent administration is one of the Government’s main priorities in the Strategy on Public Administration Reforms 2018-2020, unveiled by Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski on Wednesday.

Policy creation and coordination, public service and human resource management, responsibility, accountability and transparency, public services and ICT support for administration, as well as public finance management are the key points of the Strategy, which the Government passed yesterday alongside the Action Plan for its implementation.

“There is a plan for depoliticization of the administration through enhancement of selection procedures, merit-based employment, equal and fair treatment, as well as just representation of all communities,” said Mancevski.

Special attention in the document is given to the professionalism of senior management structures through clear distinction of the political and professional levels, along with the introduction of category senior civil servants.

The system for evaluation of administration employees is to be redefined, setting the foundations for performance-based rewards, followed by the system’s linking with the salary system.

Mancevski said the salary system would also be defined, while a new law on salaries in the public sector is in the pipeline.

“The objective is to create a fair system of salaries,” he added.

According to him, there is over-employment in the the public administration on one hand, but lack of jurists, economists, engineers on the other.

Mancevski also referred to the open data system, contributing to the Government’s openness and transparency.

“This is not just a portal, but an entire system, a strategic approach to a new culture and accessibility, which requires serious personnel and technical preparedness of all institutions,” underlined Mancevski.