Mickoski will not vote in the referendum

The leader of the main opposition party VMRO-DPMNE will not vote in the referendum on the name agreement. The party says that Mickoski believes that the question of the referendum is multifaceted and manipulative.

“Its content consists of a question of membership in NATO and the EU, which also is a strategic goal of VMRO-DPMNE, but today’s referendum decides on a harmful agreement for renaming the country and nothing more, in which case Mickoski decided not to vote in the referendum, practically abstaining to send a message of disagreement and rejecting the harmful agreement,” says Naum Stoilkovski, a spokesman for the main opposition party.

He adds that Mickoski is against the name change and against the agreement that is for humiliated Macedonia. The non-outcome decision represents a legal right and one of the ways of expressing dissatisfaction with the agreement and the way the guided referral process is conducted.

Stoilkovski, asked whether VMRO-DPMNE expects the government to respect a possible unsuccessful referendum, Stoilkovski says the law is clear, which means a successful referendum.

“If, according to the law, over 900 thousand voters turn out to vote, of of which would vote for the agreement, it would represent the will of the people that must be respected, but at the same time each result under this legal minimum would be a failure for the government and failure to accept the agreement, and the duty of the government to respect the will of the people and to withdraw from the agreement,” says Stoilkovski.