Journalist Talevska admits guilt in “Tifani” case

Journalist Ivona Talevska admitted guilt on Monday regarding the tax evasion charges in the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) case codenamed “Tifani”.

“I admit the guilt for the actions cited in the SPO indictment,” said Talevska.

The defense asked the court to take into consideration Talevska’s admission, as well as the fact that she is a Macedonian citizen, a full-time employee in Sitel TV station, has family in Macedonia and no prior criminal record.

Case “Tifani” focuses on tax evasion, in which the owner of companies Smart Centar DOOEL and Smart Klub DOOEL Skopje, journalist Ivona Talevska, evaded the payment of taxes in period 2008-2014 in the amount of EUR 37,634 for the legal entity and EUR 16,924 for herself.