Government to determine the amount spent on the referendum campaign on Wednesday

At the next government session on Wednesday, the government will determine how much funds will be allocated for the campaign for the upcoming referendum on the agreement between Macedonia and Greece. So far, only the Ministry of Defense has published information on how much funds will be allocated for the upcoming referendum.

Other ministries do not have any information on how much funds will be allocated for this purpose, although the deadline for submitting information to the Ministry of Finance for the available funds could be re-allocated for the referendum campaign expired yesterday. Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska yesterday, on the Open Day of the ARM for the citizens, said that the MOD will spend less than 60 million denars on the campaign for the upcoming referendum.

Government spokesman Muamet Hoxha said on Wednesday that the government will adopt a concrete plan and program for the next referendum campaign, including the funds to be spent for that purpose, at the next session.

The campaign, he said, would be informative, and the goal is to explain the benefits of the agreement with Greece to the citizens. He added that during the whole process the Government will respect the principle of accountability and transparency.

– We believe that the referendum is very important for the country and all the funds that will be used for the campaign will be publicly announced, said Hoxha.

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski reiterated on Monday that the party’s position on the referendum will be presented after a comprehensive consultation with citizens and intra-party consultations taking place in parallel.

During next week, information on whether and how MPs and parliamentary groups will participate in the public propaganda for the referendum is expected to be announced, but also whether the Parliament, as an authorized proposer, will monitor the work of the election bodies with its representatives will hold the referendum on September 30.