Dimitrov for Greek ANA-MPA: Negotiations are in the final stage

Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov in Brussels told Greek news agency ANA-MPA he believes the name negotiations to be in the final stage.

Dimitrov told ANA-MPA he hoped it was possible for a solution to be reached by the start of the EU Summit on June 28, adding that he had a ‘good meeting’ with his Greek counterpart yesterday.

The Macedonian FM said the talks continue as legal experts from both countries discuss technical aspects. He also said he was expecting both PMs to have a phone conversation during the week.

Dimitrov, according to ANA-MPA, briefed the EU Foreign Ministers on the latest developments in the negotiations, the efforts both countries have been making to reach an agreement on the name issue, as well as the importance of the dispute resolution for the Balkans as a whole.