Derkovski: No ‘phantoms’ in Voter’s List

Phantom voters in the Voter’s List do not exist, according to State Election Commission (SEC) President Oliver Derkovski, who said that the list is a ‘dynamic category’ and can never be ‘ideally edited’.

“I assure you, there are no phantom voters in the Voter’s List. The term was used in the past several years out of different reasons probably,” Derkovski told a press briefing on Friday.

According to him, the Voter’s List is correlated with the number of citizenship holders. “Macedonia has issued around 2,460,000 citizenships. The factual number in the Voter’s List is derived once you extract the number of minors,” he said.

A total of 1,805,700 people are registered in the Voter’s List. It is open for public inspection from Aug. 9 until Aug. 23.

Until today, 2,658 citizens checked their data in the Voter’s List in regional SEC offices. 11,481 citizens conducted a data check via SEC’s website.

Expatriate Macedonian voters are also registering to vote in the fall referendum by filing an application in the diplomatic offices abroad or by using the web application on SEC’s website. 1,088 applications of the voters living abroad, including Bern, Vienna, London, Berlin, have been approved to date