Bosnjakovski: Ivanov’s decision expected, but does not affect implementation of name agreement

The decision of President Gjorge Ivanov and the refusal to sign decree ratifying the law on name agreement is expected, but does not affect the implementation of the agreement.

“Ivanov’s decision was expected, but it does not affect the steps i.e. the implementation phases of the agreement. Greek Government has already sent letters to EU and NATO,” said Government Spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski.

Government reiterates that the will of the citizens expressed in a referendum will be binding for all political parties regardless of the form of the referendum.

The decision of the President Gjorge Ivanov not to sign the decree on the law on ratification of the Final Agreement for the settlement of the differences as described in the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 817 (1993) and 845 (1993), the termination of the Interim Accord of 1995 and the establishment of a strategic partnership, has been submitted Tuesday to the Macedonia’s Parliament.

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi will schedule session for a re-vote on the law on ratification of the agreement at late by next week.