Avirovic joins the excluded MPs from VMRO-DPMNE

The excluded MPs from VMRO-DPMNE who voted for constitutional changes do not intend to return their terms, as the parent-party demands. They are having their last consultations, after which the official formation of a new parliamentary group is announced, which will act independently in the Parliament. For now, their group will have eight MPs, but leave room for enlargement with possibly new MPs from the current opposition.

According to the information we received from the excluded MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, Slobodanka Avirovic from the Socialist Party will also join them, which also decided to vote “for” the agreement with Greece, thus “betraying” the coalition “For Better Macedonia”.

“At this point, it is our priority to reach an agreement with each other, to coordinate the following performances and see how we will function in the future. We do not bow to anyone, we will be independent. Then we will talk with Pance Minov, who announced that he will not support VMRO-DPMNE’s policies because of the dismissal of Mitko Jancev from the vice-presidential post. Of course, we are open to cooperation, but we cannot anticipate what will happen in the next stages of the process in parliament,” our interlocutors say.

The excluded MPs do not want to delete the VMRO prefix from the name of the new group, so they are thinking of combinations to keep it. They recall that in the past there were instances where VMRO-DPMNE had ten members of their own parliamentary groups with the same name in order to have more time to speak at the sessions in the Assembly or in the commissions.

On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE yesterday continued to attack the seven MPs who turned their backs on the party: Krste Mukoski, Saso Vasilevski, Ljuben Arnaudov, Nola Ismajloska-Starova, Zekir Ramkilovic, Emilija Aleksandrova and Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska. They pointed out that only a few days before they voted “for”, Aleksandrova, Ismailoska-Starova and Kanceska-Mileska voted “against” placing the item on the agenda for the change of the constitution on the agenda of the parliamentary session.

“Four days later, they voted quite the opposite. You can guess what happened in those four days,” accused VMRO-DPMNE. In addition, almost all of them in the past days have placed statuses on social media that in no case would they accept to vote for something that is contrary to the interests of the Macedonian people. In the meantime, the process of erasing everyone from the membership, which, according to the party, was pressing and blackmailing the MPs to vote “for” the Prespa agreement.

The session of the disciplinary committee of the municipal committee of VMRO-DPMNE in Karposh lasted until late midnight for discussion of the request of the headquarters for exclusion of Nikola Todorov from the party. The former health minister was also called to questioning, who was given a chance to share his own arguments. It didn’t make any difference because the five ” disciplinarians” unanimously decided that he was acting cruelly against the party’s program commitments, goals and tasks, due to which a measure was taken to exclude him from the party, Nezavisen Vesnik learns.

On Tuesday evening, the VMRO-DPMNE Centar-based branch adopted an identical decision on Saso Mijalkov, but he was not called to defend himself, nor did he ask to defend himself. The statute provides that the disciplinary commission could, but is not obligated to invite the “defendants”.