The Prosecutors Council start a procedure for the dismissal of Katica Janeva

Фото; Б. Грданоски
The Council of Public Prosecutors has ruled unanimously to start a procedure for the dismissal of Katica Janeva from her post as chief of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, citing that “all conditions were met” to do so.

Council President Kole Shteriev said a report would be submitted to Parliament, which is to continue the procedure of Janeva’s dismissal.

Previously, during its Tuesday eight-hour session, the council reviewed documents in connection to the Racket investigation after Janeva had been put in detention as one of the suspects.

Shteriev said Tuesday’s session was unusually long “because we’ve never had to face such a situation in which a head of a public prosecution office has been ordered pre-trial detention.”

Special Prosecutor Janeva was arrested under suspicion of abusing office by offering leniency—helping him avoid detention and obtain a temporary passportin exchange for material gain to Orce Kamchev, suspected for corruption in the SPO’s “Empire” case.