Sale, Done and Aca

Zvonko Davidovic

In every society, in the present or the past, there were individuals who were known or recognized in the public, people who meant something in the society, or as one would say, people that were involved in every mess and which were a symbol of the city or the time in which they lived. The popularity of such figures did not depend on their education, beauty or some other characteristics, but on the charm and spirit that they carried within themselves and spread it all around, as well as the need for people to have their own heroes and legends. The people identified with such public figures, cheered with them, rejoiced, grieved, etc. We remember athletes such as Drazen Petrovic, Slavnic, Kikjanovic, Dzaic, Ringov, Pancev, basketball coach Lecic, singers such as Dragan Mijalkovski, Ljupka Dimitrovska, Zafir Hadzimanov, the band Magnifico, commentators and show hosts Mladen Delic , Milka Babovic, Atanas Kostovski, Zlatko Kalinski, writers such as Mateja Matevski, Bozhin Pavlovski, painters Lazar Lichenovski, Kodjoman, Chemerski, actors Petre Prlicko and Risto Siskov and many others.

Times have changed, tastes have changed, values ​​have shifted, and so the inappropriate and the ugly became nice and attractive, rudeness and ignorance became normal, and culture and knowledge turned into rarities. We turned thieves and criminals into heroes, robbers and tycoons into businessmen, vices, dirt and debauchery rose as virtues; all the small, insidious and incompetent became our sovereign, and the former heroes and idols changed their faces. Today, at a time when debauchery and immorality prevail, when lies are the truth, and the truth is a political slogan, the most famous figures have become Sale, Done, and Aca.

The first of the Pleiades of characters is Sale, women’s favorite character, a character that captivates and entices them all. His name can be seen everywhere, in every shop window, and when women read his name, they go crazy. A woman walks around the City Mall with her husband, on their way to get some coffee, and then the woman sees Sale on the window of Zara. That same instant the woman runs to the entrance of the store and disappears into the crowd of disillusioned women who run towards Sale. The husband is left puzzled and amazed, alone and not knowing which side to turn, not knowing whether he should go to the café alone or not. He calls on his wife to ask her what to do, whether he should wait or not, but in vain, his wife neither listens nor responds while running towards Sale. Her husband, however, decides to enter the store to see what is happening, and there he faces an even greater surprise. Women scattered all around, with their messy hair, sweaty, with blushed cheeks and a pile of clothes in their hands, running towards the dressing rooms. Several women on their knees pulling on the left shoe, while holding the right one under their arms. Endless lines before the cashier and the lines continue to grow. Some women dig through the piles and shelves, scattering items all around, and hanging some of them on their arms. The frightened husband is stepping onto the exit with a few more confused men that are headed to the first café they see. Half asleep and exhausted they welcome their wives sometime around 22.30 after stores are closed with a pile of bags in their hands, exhausted from the charm and the attractiveness of Sale, they fall into their chairs and loudly order a cold Amstel. Sale is a charmer that all women adore and he is tireless, he is everywhere, in every place. But on the black Friday is when he is most dangerous, when it does not calm down until midnight.

The next character is much calmer and balanced, a character without which one is unable to notice, mark or change anything. If you to record a friend’s phone number good luck doing it without Done, if want to write down and remind yourself of someone’s birthday, you must call and use Done. You will never forget the anniversary of marriage or a relationship if you use Done after writing the date down. You can write and note as much as you like and whatever you like, but if you do not use Done at the end, it was all in vain. At work you will certainly be late if you do not entrust the alarm to Done after setting it. You want to save a channel on your smart TV or radio station on the radio in your car, it is impossible without Done. If you are traveling somewhere and you have navigation, you have downloaded the map and route for nothing, if you did not entrust it to Done in the end. Done is our memory, our recollection, Done is our past but also the future, our plan and program of movement and commitment. Without Done we would be lost.

If Sale is a charmer for women, if Done is our memory, our path and direction, our recollection and future, Aca is the eternal image of our history and politics. With Aca we waged wars and won, with Aca we built an empire all the way to Mongolia, with Aca, until recently, we drove to Greece along the highway with his name and landed by plane at his airport. Under Aca and his horse Bucephalus’ shade we cool ourselves in the bare and sterile square in the center of Skopje. Aca is our hero with whom we enrage our neighbors, make historians fight and blur the history. Aca is our spear and restless spirit that never rests, and is always in reserve as evidence of our size, long history, the victorious spirit. But Aca is also a politician who hardly anyone ever heard him speak Macedonian, but is constantly at the forefront of Macedonian politics. He negotiates the composition of each government, the adoption of each law, the future of the country. He is always in power, no matter if VMRO-DPMNE or SDSM is in power. Without him, there is no parliamentary majority, a European future, NATO membership. Without him, there are no presidential elections, and especially there is no turnout while electing a president. He is stronger than Chuck Norris and can do something that no one else can. Aca is capable and skilled to gather people in just two hours, from 17 to 19 o’clock and provide the required turnout in the elections, something that all others combined could not manage the entire election day, from 7 am to 7 pm. Aca is timeless and unchangeable, stable and no one can move him as if he were the cornerstone of the political circus.

If Sale is irresistible, and if Done is irreplaceable, then Aca is all that and much more, and all we can do is learn from him.

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