Racketeering – profession of the successful

Zvonko Davidovic

At every step, we are constantly challenged to achieve the best results in our work. Not all people are specialists, nor do they all have full-time employment, much less those who will reach the top in the arts or sciences, many of whom are plant workers, field workers, in the streets. There is no unimportant job. Every job that is of benefit to mankind is sacred and important, and needs to be done carefully. If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, “Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well” – Martin Luther King.
Are we doing our job as Martin Luther King described it? Are we so dedicated and valuable, so responsible, and aware of doing our job as best we can to get others to recognize it?
It is unlikely that the answer is positive in any profession today, especially when it comes to investing fully in our work, its satisfaction and its social utility. The reasons are numerous and are intertwined in both the changed social and economic values ​​and the destroyed moral values.
It is striking that in a primary school to the question of the teacher who are the highest paid professions in our country, the rifle answer was – racketeering and dealership. Even more shocking is the fact that children see this as a normal occurrence, professions that are lucrative and above all right.
This is a picture of our society today, a picture of young generations seeing their reality. In our country obviously only these two professions do their job as well as Martin Luther King described it, precisely because not all other professions are doing their jobs properly.
At times, in the not so distant past, moral and social values ​​were at a price, deviating from them resulted in reproach and social condemnation, responsibility and accountability were implicit in the work, and violations of legal norms followed a reaction by the legal system. Today, moral values ​​are distorted and twisted, social values ​​are basically nonexistent, the institutions of the system do not function as normal but as a “push” and party order, and the legal system is captured and dysfunctional.
Children are right about the most lucrative professions and their success. If those professions, or just the one – racketeering – succeeded in getting the Special Prosecutor both “hired” and involved, and who knows how many more people in senior positions, then we can really speak of a successful profession. When we add to the financial performance of the institutions the inhumanity of the institutions and their party captivity, the inadequacy of the prosecution and the obedient and clientelist attitude of the judiciary, which all result in untouchability and impunity, then we can speak of a profession in the true sense of the word.
This free and creative profession not only opens up new perspectives and opportunities, it also hires and employs other subcontractors necessary for successful operation. Recorders of audio recordings or sound engineers together with recorders are the basis or base for this profession. The produced material is delivered to the racketeer in a timely manner. Police, prosecutorial and judicial protection, intertwined with political power, represent an upgrade that makes this profession both successful, secure and attractive.
This profession has also progressed in the recent past from weapons, muscular guys and bare strength to the profession of slim, almost anorexic boys, adjusted to the latest fashion with SD memory cards in their hands.
While this profession reduces unemployment and distributes capital, it also has a cultural-entertainment component. After finding out about the job successfully done, the racketeer usually starts filling websites, TV news and newspapers with a variety of stories, but it becomes really interesting when the series goes on with the prosecution and political parties, and then “Star Trek” becomes an educational science show. We have already seen the educational aspect through the answers of the students.
The second most successful profession is booming is yet to flourish, now in the phase of licensing. The media is yet to hear and write about the dealers.

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