Polish fans paid a total of 33 thousand euros in fines

Instead of cheering on their representation at the stands and celebrating her victory, over two hundred Polish fans will remember the Macedonian police and courts. They have already left for Poland, but with 150 euros less each, money they paid for the fines for the massive brawl in the City Park in Skopje before the start of the football match.
For violation of public order and peace they could receive court reprimands or fines of 300 to 500 euros, but since foreign citizens were not convicted, 223 Polish fans received fines of 150 euros. According to the calculations, the football fans from Poland paid a total of 33,450 euros.
Although there was information that fans would be banned from entering the country, the Court briefly concluded that such ban is not foreseen for this kind of violation.
“Their passports were seized until they paid the penalty, and then they were returned to them. These are foreign citizens who were not convicted in the country and this was taken as a mitigating circumstance,” the Criminal Court said.
On Friday, before the start of the football match between the national teams of Macedonia and Poland, a large group of Polish fans started a fight in the Francophonie Park and were all arrested and taken to the police stations in Gjorce Petrov, Karpos, Kisela Voda and Gazi Baba.
Due to the large number of arrested, several old buses were put into operation for their transportation, and they all spent the day and night at the police stations in Karpos, Gazi Baba, Kisela Voda and Gjorce Petrov.
About 1,500 Polish fans had the opportunity to welcome the minimum victory (1:0) to their national team over North Macedonia in the qualifications for the European Championship in 2020.
After the large group of fans was arrested, another Polish fan was detained because after the football match, on Saturday morning at 4.30 in an intoxicated state, was causing problems at the hotel where he was staying.
During the match, one of the fans got lost in Debar Maalo. Immediately, citizens posted a call for help on social media. He did not have his phone with him, and his friends were all at the stadium, and he did not know the name of the hotel where he was staying. Fortunately, the news spread rapidly, so employees in the hotel where he was staying recognized him and reacted.