PM Zaev congratulates Independence Day – 8 September

Independence Day- 8 September 1991 showed us that freedom and sovereignty have the most beautiful colors. That the joy, happiness and beauty that overwhelmed the country back then should be remembered and carried within whenever we are faced with temptations and barriers on our path. These are our colors, the colors of independence and freedom, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at the celebratory event under slogan “Colors of Independence”, organized by the Government in the Skopje City Park on Sunday.

Prime Minister Zaev said these are the colors that turned Socialist Republic of Macedonia into independent Republic of Macedonia.

“Our homeland that today bears the name Republic of North Macedonia. A country joining NATO and integrating in the EU. This is our country, our beauty of diversities,” said the prime minister.

According to him, Independence Day is celebrated in the most beautiful colors, because the mosaic is complete only if every stone finds its place in the unity.

“That is why we are building a society for all, because every person matters. Everyone is responsible for the mosaic, so that our homeland shines brightly in unity,” added Zaev.

PM Zaev said North Macedonia is confirming its independence by joining NATO and as candidate for EU membership.