Miloshoski: We expect SDSM to stop delaying and buying time for the PPO law

There may be a new meeting over the Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office on Saturrday, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski.
“We were expecting a meeting yesterday, we were prepared for it today. We have been now told that a meeting is possible tomorrow. We are fine with this,” said MP Miloshoski.

Regarding the opposition’s expectations, he said SDSM should accept what was agreed in principle on August 30, when the Parliament’s Committee on European Affairs adopted ten amendments to the bill.

“We expect SDSM to stop this delaying and buying time for this important law,” added Miloshoski.

Opposition MP Miloshoski also said that the new prosecutor heading the institution should be an expert with personal integrity, trusted by the public and political stakeholders.