Katica is already being convicted

It is simply impossible to closely follow the news and information regarding Katica Janeva on daily basis. She was on holiday in Greece, at the hairdresser’s, she formatted her phone, she lost it, she was about to be arrested, she had her sick leave signed by a friend… mostly hearsay.

The chief of the Special Prosecutor’s Office is under daily scrutiny by journalists and the media, but apparently not so much by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Almost a month after the racketeering scandal, the SPO chief has so far successfully managed to “swim” through the investigation, in which, at least as they claim, nothing that compromises her had been found. At least not criminally, since herreputation is already largely undermined.

And here may be where the whole truth about the case lays, a case that everyone knew about all along, but no one ever did anything about. Katica Janeva, and with her the entire Special Prosecutor’s Office, are thrown into an abyss, she has disappointed everyone who believed in her and in the SPO and now no one will regret that they are gone, and on the other hand, no one will be held accountable for the failure, or cooperation, with Boki 13.

In a country where conspiracy theory is more successful than the national football team, it is not difficult to think of another. Or to recognize one.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office, which was formed because the regular one failed to oppose Nikola Gruevski, was labeled from the start as an additional tool to overthrow his ruling system. However, that did not prevent people from seeing it as a guiding star in the return to the rule of law. Given it ever did function in the past three decades.

Even if she had been obstructed by Gruevski’s tentacles in the early months, in recent years she received the necessary wind at her back to work properly.

But apparently, with the change of government, they did their part. They never got the green light to go all the way, probably because the parties protected each other. Because today you are up and tomorrow you are down. You have to keep track of what will be in four years.

Truth be told, they did not even work that hard in doing what they were obscenely paid to do. With people’s money.

The charges for “ridiculous” cases, compared to all the serious things we heard in wiretapped conversations, may have been just part of the whole game that resulted in Gruevski’s refuge in Hungary. Whether there was no evidence, whether they could not be found, whether there was obstruction from above … who knows, maybe we will find out some day. Or not.

Katica Janeva was a special story. An unknown prosecutor from Gevgelija emerged from nowhere as a “satisfying” solution for Nikola Gruevski’s VMRO-DPMNE. Although her capacity might probably be lower than that of Fatime Fetai or Lenche Ristoska, Janeva did, however, receive the helm.

Four years later, that solution looks like a vision for the future. The “Charlie’s Angel” put in a position of absolute power got lost in the nest and was easily pushed out of balance. In fact, she leaned in herself.

The rest is just part of the script. The prosecution is now leaving the media to investigate. And they have the green light from both of the government and the opposition to strike freely on her. They are soiling her character and work with sensational headlines, but not interfering with her freedom.

Negotiations between the government and the opposition on the new Prosecution Law, or on the future of the SPO, are nearing completion. External messages are clear: there must be a deal, SPO must be saved in whatever form. Even if they are placed under the regular Prosecution. And with a new budget, and with a new boss.

The one they had until now will be removed. And no one will shed any tears for her. Even the t-shirts with the three “angels” will be thrown in the trash. Only Sead Kocan, Mile Janakieski and Djoko Popovski will end up in prison.

Fair, right? Or, those who play the game will realize that the pawns are not that naive.

Goran Adamovski