For the Macedonian Affairs

Zvonko Davidovic

115 years ago, Krste Petkov Misirkov, in the book “For the Macedonian Affairs”, presented his scientific-theoretical views on the identity and distinctiveness of the Macedonian people with historical approach to the emergence of other European and Slovenian peoples, and as a unique idea and goal of national affirmation to the Macedonian people in a modern, contemporary European nation with their own free and complete state.

Misirkov gives a special review and accent on the Macedonian, especially the literary language, noting that the language is a national interest of the Macedonian people and a successful means of preserving the Macedonian identity, diversity and national consciousness. In the migrations where the Macedonians did not have their own state, Misirkov did not accidentally put emphasis on the Macedonian language, recognizing a powerful means in the national-political fight against propaganda and attempts to assimilate.

In the past 115 years, this people have been left out so helpless, exhausted, assimilated, exterminated, neglected, shed a lot of blood and gave up many things, but never gave up from their ages-old dream for their own independent state, from their age-old desire to be on their own. The centuries-old struggle and persistence took place partly in the creation of their independent state, the Republic of Macedonia.

From the moment of independence to this day, this people and his state have gone through a lot of disruptions and evaded many ponderings thanks to the wisdom and meekness of the people and partly to the politicians who managed to articulate the interests of their people and translate them into the legal framework of the independent state, a legal framework embodied in the Constitution and laws.

If more than a century ago, Misirkov and every conscious Macedonian understood that language is a guarantee of preserving the national identity and is a guarantee for the creation of an independent Macedonian state in the future, today every Macedonian politician and every conscious Macedonian should be able to it is clear that the functioning of the legal system, the equal application of laws to everyone, and responsibility for everyone are the foundation for preserving this painstaking and blood-created state and guaranteeing its advancement in the future.

Unfortunately, today’s politicians do not have the wisdom of Misirkov, Karev’s courage, and Gligorov’s vision. The country that got it on the slopes, created, defined and independent, the country that served as an example for the Balkans, today’s politicians crumbled it, created a land of derision, a state for financing their psychopathic visions and kleptomaniac desires, led it to the edge of ruin and bottom of all civilian aspirations, and on top of all the world black listings.
During the past ten years, all the bright moments from the Macedonian national history, from Ilinden to ASNOM, from Kiril and Metodij to Kosta Solev Racin, were denied. They spat on the heroism and blood of the Macedonian fighters in the People’s Liberation War, consciously and deliberately forgetting them as something that some country can boast of. The temples were built to forge our origin, the battles, struggles and aspirations of the heroes who drowned this country with their blood. And most of them broke the Constitution and the laws, praising and promoting the directness and glorifying the mediocrity, putting the most incompetent in the most important positions, and deliberately and intentionally knocking down and privatizing the judiciary, thus ruining the state and wrecking everything that is sacred from the past.

The division of power in the Republic of Macedonia no longer existed because the executive power became the creator of all political, economic and social life, the Parliament only fulfilled the Government’s wishes by raising two fingers and enforcing the courts on the back of the citizens. The party has become the basic cell of our life, it has become a condition and basis for employment, a mechanism for wealth, a guarantee and security for irresponsibility, crime and evasion of the law and the deserved punishment. The party membership card became the Bible, a credit card, a pass for a comfortable life without work and responsibility, a legitimation for amnesty of all and everything, proof of success in life. Such baroque splendor, which would also be envisioned by the Roman bacchanals, created a new one that successfully defended incompetence, madness, and mediocrity. One of the most important words in the conversation became the word ‘traitor’. This word labeled everyone who was incompatible with the ancient baroque and the recluse of the revivalists. And they really were revivalists. They reborn the people’s mindset and created a nation of ‘sunflowers’ and servants, and on the other hand re-routed their bank account and assets, from nothing to millions of euros and infinite amount of property. In a word, these Renaissance gentlemen unscrupulously uninstall the legal system and the rule of law, everything that was worth and worked, and installed their own system of inviolability, crime and personal wealth.

As each regime has its own end, this has come to an end with the “bombs” that resembled the slogan of the Colorful – No justice, no peace. There was great hope that the true values will return, that we will again be an exemplary legal state of equal citizens, that the basis and condition for progress will be the ability and honesty and that crime will be sanctioned, and everyone who has been wronged by the law will be called of responsibility. As a guarantee that this will happen, a new SPO was formed, and the word of the international factor was given.

More than two years have passed since the formation of the SPO and the huge disclosed crime, everything that we received and what was sanctioned was the panties of a spoiled girl and a probation verdict. From the given word of the new leader, we received a non-functional Parliament, an old new economic elite, the same ‘sunflowers’ of the same judicial functions and none of the mentioned in the pre-election call for responsibility.

From the international factor, we got even worse advice from prosecutors and a reserve bench prosecutor who will not play in any way, as said in football jargon.
And for the Macedonian affairs that many people unselfishly gave their lives and drowned this country, every inch of it with blood, we will see what will happen in the nearest future, hoping that that song from Riblja corba will not come true, a song that goes something like this – “only fools die for ideals…”