Criticism From a Friend

Gordana Popsimonova

Plain and simple – what I see as the beginning of the Government’s ruling is not what I expected. I don’t know if my expectations were too high or my aversion and revolt toward the previous kleptomaniac regime were too intense, but I have to say – I dislike Zaev’s start and the crew around him.
I write this completely aware of all of the obstacles in their functioning. Whether it is about the close parliament majority and their threatening dependence on DUI, or if it’s about the destructive opposition led by VMRO-DPMNE and their active installations in the administration, the justice system and police, or the pressures from the so-called “International union” for promptly overcoming the open issues with the neighboring countries. This is my impression, keeping in mind all of the violence, obstructions and every possible obstacle that had to be surpassed by the crew that’s now in charge. I take in consideration all objective circumstances that Zoran Zaev had to face, such as the misuse of the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria, through a certain Koceva and her thesis about Macedonian language as “restructured” Bulgarian language, which destroyed all debate between the two groups from the very start. I put myself into Zaev’s position and the protocol scandal after his visit to Belgrade, where he was welcomed by marginal minister, someone named Popovikj, known to the gossip media for his inclination to Russia and the “Russian Documents” scandal.
I am fully aware of the conditions and how they force one to make unwanted moves. Still, I am not pleased with the first steps of the new Government officials because I don’t think they did what they could’ve done in our internal politics, at least not in the beginning. In example, demonstrate their own way of separating the state from the political parties. One years has passed since the parliament election and a whole month since the local election, and still there are no public announcements for managers of public institutions. But, I did see a lot of new CEOs hired on basis of their party membership, connections or relations. Some of them are a huge embarrassment.

I see unarticulated and revengeful actions toward ex-managers and employees in the lower positions in the administration. I hear rumors about men with fat tattooed necks racketeering companies, introducing themselves as a security agency working for SDSM. And Oliver, and the police are nowhere to be found, except as support in the market inspection that hunts down juveniles at bars. I read about groups that work on reforming the justice system and the security services, but I don’t see transparency in in their work. In short, I sense the so-called Gruevism in the new Government. In the separation into “ours and theirs”, through arrogance, through lack of transparency in the substantial reform priorities, through installing party superiority, through improvising, revengefulness, superficiality and quarrelling with individuals that have opposing opinions or making favors for their friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, comrades from SDSM. I recently wrote, and still stand behind it, you have my trust. I see a lot of my close friends and relatives who stood by you unconditionally in your mission to bring down, and also DEMANTLE Gruevski’s regime, are on the verge of the dilemma – was it all worth it? Patience has its critical point, as all support has its end. I know Rome wasn’t built in 7 days, just as I know that SDSM need certain amount of time to change things. It’s just a warning so there’s no misunderstanding later. If it’s not clear yet, let my write this down for you in all caps – WE DID NOT FIGHT FOR REPLACING THE CULT OF GRUEVSKI WITH THE CULT OF ZAEV, YET FOR DEMOCRACY. JUSTICE AND A COUNTRY OF LAW.