Let me ask you something, Siljanovska

Erol Rizaov

Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, the supreme and non-party presidential candidate of VMRO-DPMNE, highlighted her personal professional experience, her knowledge in the field of constitutional law, the decades-long experiences of comparative study of the problems of power-sharing. This will allow her to correct the Prespa Agreement with Greece and to save it permanently as the unchangeable constitutional name, to change the Law on the Use of Languages, to settle interethnic relations with the necessary changes to the Ohrid Framework Agreement, to propose constitutional changes so good that they will be adopted in the Assembly unanimously followed by standing ovations, and so with order in the justice system to introduce the rule of law equally for all.
How she plans to do that, Siljanovska gave an ingenious answer. She said that this will be achieved because she knows a lot about political systems, constitutional law, she knows the relations between the three authorities, knows the problems of the judiciary. All this knowledge with her strong mind and experience will be applied in practice, which means she will implement them. Siljanovska will make a lot more major changes. She will start a process so that the most capable and the smartest are hired on the road to the rule of law. She said we will no longer chase them out of Macedonia.
Anyway, here is my question from the title of this column. How do you plan, Professor Siljanovska-Davkova, to make the name of the country remain unchanged, when the key word Macedonia has never been changed, only the additions have been changed, and how will you bring the country into NATO and the EU with your “constitutional” scientific innovations that no one knows. How will you settle the interethnic relations with changes in the laws to which the party that picked you as its candidate for head of state gave its handwritten signature? Or do you think you can achieve this by raising the rights of ethnic communities because you probably know to what depriving and reducing rights that have already been exercised, lead to.
How will you introduce the rule of law equally for all if it has not been successful for all these years with top judges of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the entire justice system with hundreds of judges, public prosecutors, thousands of lawyers out of benches at law schools at home and in the world, university professors, the three presidents of the state, one prime minister, dozens of ministers who were lawyers, well-known and recognized academics and presidents of MANU with all scientific titles.
Professor Siljanovska, you know very well that many ministers in all spheres of management and decision-making were lawyers, ranging from agriculture to internal and external affairs, from science to justice, culture and education, and among them you were. Macedonia had presidents of parties professors from the Faculty of Law, among which are well-known in the former Yugoslav territories, who first raised some issues for the development of democracy, protection of human rights and freedoms and the rule of law. With almost the entire Macedonian economy they manage publicly and privately, or they are at key places of lawyer as well as in the whole administration, advocacy, notary… I hope that you will not be offended if we conclude that among all of them, both in politics and in science, in the judiciary and in the economy, there were people who have a strong mind, a great experience from the division of power, eminent lawyers who wrote volumes of books, laws, constitutions and amendments, interstate agreements and not to list everything that indicates the functioning of the institutions of the system. So, it is about the most influential public figures who have ruled or participated in the constitution of the state. So how did none of them succeed in introducing the rule of law, not according to European standards, but at least according to our written laws, nor to prevent the installation of the regime of Nikola Gruevski, to whose recidivism you are now a candidate who will do the most important job in the country of establishing a democratic system and the rule of law. I do not think you yourself believe in this.
If all these clever, educated and experienced people, of course, with varying successes, have failed in the first 47 years of one-party system to make a legal and democratic state as you promise to do during a five-year term, without power and constitutional authority, if from the second 28 years of freedom and democracy, for 11 years we had an authoritarian regime and a captive state, which was a great return to which we have never been, whose lawyer you became in the pre-election campaign for the presidency, then do not you think that the main problem is not in the law and in the judiciary and in the laws and courts, in the constitution, but in people who come to high office and who have built a system with built-in factory error that made the people unable to recognize the future.
Professor Siljanovska, you joined the wrong side of history, the darkness, left behind people who are accused of a criminal association against the homeland and citizens, behind criminogenic individuals accused of corruption and crime, attempted murder of MPs and obstruction of the constitution of the Parliament after legitimate and credible elections, you are already participating in disrupting justice and limiting the independence of the judiciary and the first rays of justice after 11 years of darkness and fear. The supreme and non-party additions to your candidacy can not wash off the shame of such an attempt to reach the presidential office.
You directly participate in the justification of the VMRO-DPMNE top of all the crimes committed by Gruevism. All these defeated anachronistic forces see in you not only amnesty and indulgence for the great sins, but also a chance to return impunity along with Macedonia to the Balkan pub and mud. Therefore, don’t demand justice for Macedonia, but justice in Macedonia. If there is justice in the country, there will be from the world. Your defeat in the elections will mark an even stronger breakthrough in democracy and rule of law, not because you will not be president, but because the defeat of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE and its leadership that did not gather strength to apologize for the tortures and violations of human rights and freedoms, the massive robbery, the crime and corruption, and the bloodshed in Parliament.

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