Changing the name in order to steal – Confirmed!

Aleksandar Nikoloski

The resolution in the case of racketeering Macedonian businessmen and the abuse of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in agreement with SDSM and Zoran Zaev is not even in the first phase. The public rightly expects a lot of answers and a quick investigation. The government and Zaev in order to save themselves are dragging along, and will do their best to get away with as little damage as possible, but the truth will eventually come to light.

What will turn out, and I want to share this only with you, is that not one, but many Macedonian businessmen are exposed to racketeering and blackmails, and the total amount of funds requested and received exceeds 20 million euros. It was a detailed operation carried out by the top of the SDSM in which those now indicted, as well as the special prosecutor, are only part of the perpetrators. The “project” was long and systematically drafted and aimed at serious property gain for the top of SDSM through abuse of the judicial system. At the moment, many businessmen are under direct threat from Zaev’s government and are afraid to speak out publicly. They are also afraid to speak to the prosecution that is leading the investigation, but with the change of government and freeing themselves from the chains and pressures, these people will be talking about what they had to face and lost their freedom, businesses and families.

The logical question is where do Zaev and his team find the courage to do this. The answer comes down to our numerous articles and public appearances since last year where we gave them a working title – “Changing the name in order to steal”. The basis of this thesis is that Zaev’s government thought that it was enough just to change the name of the country by Greek dictation and as an appreciation for allowing them to do whatever they wanted in their own home.
The international community will keep silent on this, and the public will be forced stay quiet because of the total control it would place on the judiciary, as well as the media. It was even mentioned behind the curtains that Zaev and SDSM would rule as long as Milo Djukanovic in Montenegro. Although the example was extremely inadequate because the government there relies, above all, on Montenegro’s excellent economic performance, which, you have to admit, is the best of all six Yugoslav republics since the breakup of the previous state.

The other part of the thesis – that the international community will allow stealing in Macedonia only because Zaev and Dimitrov signed an agreement as they have signed, is unsustainable and because the basis of all states that are part of Western civilization is the rule of law in which there is no place for corruption. And that’s why when this “stale” behavior of the government started, it was a matter of days when the boat of high-scale crime will hit the iceberg.

Instead of drawing lessons from this and handing their resignations to allow an impartial and pressure-free investigation, they are now starting to divide European media outlets to right and left, close to one politician or the other. Ridiculous! What Zaev and the rest should know is that there are ideological differences in Europe, that there are different editorial policies, but there is consensus on the whole political spectrum as well as the fight against corruption over the rule of law. No one from SDSM hope that any of the European left will come out and say – SDSM is our sister party and therefore they can do whatever they want in Macedonia. That will never happen.

After all, recent reactions show exactly that.

What also worries me is where this would go. There hasn’t been sense of responsibility for a long time now. Zaev announces behind the curtains that he will take revenge. And he probably can do it, since all power is in his hands. But that will only cause additional problems for him. If he wants to leave politics peacefully, it is best for him to resign and call for snap elections. This will relieve the investigation of pressure and allow this case to be resolved. Anything other than this would be a disaster to the entire country, a severe torture that will end with the change of government, but in the meantime it will ruin the image of the country that will take years to repair.

It would also be honorable to tell the citizens how many other criminal activities this government has involved itself into, and who else is involved. These answers will be made public sooner or later. The consequences for those involved will not be the same if they confess themselves or if they are processed, but I repeat the image of the state will be irretrievably lost.

That is why the attempts to portray all this as a blow to NATO and EU integration are ridiculous, and theories of world conspiracy against Macedonia are being made up. There are no conspiracy theories, nor is anyone against EU and NATO membership. On the contrary, we react because we are in favor of membership. The basis of these alliances is the rule of law. The basis is the fight against corruption. And that’s why it’s funny to come out with such theses. Who knows, maybe the pranksters who pretended to be Jens Stoltenberg told these theses to Zaev…

There is an interesting period coming up that will depend on the relationship between Zaev and SDSM. The sooner they call for elections the better for them and the image of the country. If they decide not to, the people on the street will set the date for the elections themselves, and until then many other scandals and corruption of the current government will be revealed to the Macedonian public.

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