Gruevski put an end to VMRO-DPMNE

Erol Rizaov

Nikola Gruevski finished off the already knocked-out boxer VMRO-DPMNE. The former leader has inflicted the most severe defeat to his own party, from which he will not be able to recover until he and his co-founders get justice.

Gruevski managed from the parliamentary pulpit, with a misrepresentation that he is the leader of the opposition, to greatly deny all of us that had some hope that the only legal revolutionary party in Europe (other parties of that kind are banned because they work illegally) will be able to reform after changing the party’s leadership and turn into a normal Christian Democratic Party, following the pattern of West European right-wing parties. Not only does it have nothing, but things go quite the opposite. In the Parliament with a public address Gruevski confirmed that VMRO-DPMNE is a forgery of a 19th century artifact that cannot stand in its own museum, let alone manage an EU candidate country.

There may be some understanding for the way the runaway bride wants to return home, to the Assembly, but not with her head down. Although the April 27 crime is not a family dispute, it is a bloody attempt for a coup and murders of people’s representatives, for which a trial is underway with charges of serious crimes, behind which Gruevski personally stands as a suspected commissioner. The boycott of the parliament by the opposition, which cannot accept the new role after ten years in power, is for one reason only – it was the last attempt to make a bargain for rescuing Gruevski and his associates from prison, the last desperate attempt to hinder justice and the establishment of a state of law. Gruevski, with his appearance in the Parliament on the occasion of the Government’s interpellation, as the last speaker, announced a return to power, confirmed this in a caricature way, although in essence the story is as sad as Don Quixote’s battle with the windmills. Gruevski showed that he was not only a populist who lost power after ten years of dictatorship in a captive and isolated state, completely blocked on its way to progress, but was also a messiah, who still preaches that he is sent by the Lord to save Macedonia.

After everything that happened to Macedonia, he shamelessly and arrogantly continued the same story, with which he lied to the citizens for a whole decade. First he evoked memories of the country – world champion in reform and business climate, then he was telling stories about big economic successes and foreign investments, after that he was dispatching patriotic stories to save the constitutional name of the state, justifying why all the neighbors thrashed us on the European path. If at that moment you turned on the TV for the live broadcast of the alibi-interpellation on the occasion of the return of the killers to the crime scene, one may think that it is a replay of MRTV. Such is the play until you hear Gruevski live, telling that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should resign and leave politics because he managed to destroy in just ten months everything he built in the past ten years. This claim was the only truth that Gruevski said from the parliamentary pulpit. Prime Minister Zaev, for a very short time, crashed like a tower of cards, made out of big lies built for ten years. The revealing of Potemkin villages of the defeated government went quickly and easily because they were already known to the public and were subject to judicial investigations and processes. There isn’t a man in the country who does not know that in the captured state crime and corruption were the most lucrative foreign and domestic investment. Everything is paid off, mainly in cash and some in other services.

I do not know if there is anyone in the country that believes that Gruevski and his family team are innocent victims who are dragged to the courts because of a political calculation of envy for the great successes that these benefactors did for the citizens of Macedonia. Insisting on being an innocent victim of the new government that freed Macedonia from regime regimes is a slim defense not only in front of the real court, but also in front of the public court. Such populism “I am not guilty of anything, I swear to God; traitors of my country, enemies and snitches put me in this position” is no longer acceptable, even to the party soldiers, the patriots, or the most prominent party sympathizers.

Gruevski’s desperate call to Prime Minister Zaev to leave politics, for him to return to power, is basically a strong support for Zaev. Gruevski narrowed the room of professional and independent journalists to the critical observations of the moves of the government, which is their basic work, and again brought them back to dealing with the opposition, which in no way accepts that it cannot be in power for a hundred years, constantly stealing and lying. In fact, this was perhaps the lowest blow of Gruevski to his successor Hristijan Mickoski to remain Sancho Panza, his servant while he hallucinated to be Don Quixote, the great knight who has not found out yet that feudalism no longer exists and that there are no more medieval despots and despotism. Mickoski’s reconciliation with the role of Sancho Panza is a confirmation that, while fully aware of the impossibility of restoring the regime of Gruevski, the defeated ruler continues to play the role of a warrior who must first feel justice in his party and then before the regular court, if Mickoski really had the room and ambition to clear up with the compromised past of the party, and its leadership.

Zaev’s statement about moving forward with positive energy and solutions, instead of excuses, was the real answer to the meaningless alibi-interpellation. It is good that Zaev escaped a direct duel with Gruevski by placing him in the past, and focusing on the future.
From all the discussions at the parliamentary session on the interpellation of the Government, I failed to understand what Zijadin Sela wants. I tried, without any irony, to get a grasp of it, but I failed. What I managed to understand is that the man is categorically against VMRO-DPMNE ‘s riding on the wings of nationalism, and against those who wanted to lynch him in parliament on April 27th. I also understood that he is against the compromised corrupt leadership of DUI, the VMRO-DPMNE’s former partner, I understood well that he is against the new regime of Zaev, and that therefore he and his deputies will not take sides and will not vote, neither “In favor”, nor “Against”. They will abstain. I did not understand where they went after the session. Probably home, very abstained. It was very late.