Magic realism or preclusive inclusiveness

Zvonko Davidovic

Truths and legends, magical realism, fantastic and surreal in a normal environment where the real becomes fantastic and surreal, and the fantastic becomes realistic.

Until recently, except in the literary works, this description was reserved for only one country in the world-Colombia. The power of the white powder, the money in fantastically large amounts, the corruption of the system, and the inability of the state and institutions to cope with several individuals, has led to the creation of many legends and many truths that we are still not sure what is what. The same person is both a hero and a criminal, both good and bad, depending on who you listen to and who tells the truth.

In my country, a new page of magical realism is being created for a long time. The impossible and the fantastic became true, and the truth became fantastic and impossible.

In my country, no one listened or observed well for a decade. They told us that we live better than ever, and if we did not manage to see it and feel it, something is either wrong with us, or we are influenced by the enemies of our kind leadership. Nobody in Macedonia has stolen anything, nobody ever dishonored us, no one usurped the state and institutions, and turned them into party property, and if you thought otherwise, then you are an enemy, a traitor, a ‘sorosoid’, or a ‘sorospija’. The right people were in the right places, the law was equally valid to everyone, and if you were thinking otherwise, you are a communist. The court at that time was prosecuting according by law, and Vladimir Pancevski was the best president of the best court, the best builder, the best lawyer, judge and what not, and if you did not think so, you are a journalist, lawyer or you are from the SPP. There was no selective justice and double jurisdiction, all were subject to the same law, and if you made a mistake and violated the law, you would certainly end up in detention or prison unless you were prosecuted by the SPP, because then there were Pancevski and Swarovski judiciaries under which the recordings and the “bombs” do not exist, and the SPP is unconstitutional. Judges were not selected according to notebooks and party coordination, but the most capable judges with the greatest success and the most written judgments were chosen. As for the notebooks, the evil ones only manipulated that judges are being chosen according to that, because notebooks are just for writing down something that should not be forgotten, not forget the agreed. The head of the judicial council was not a person who never wrote a verdict and for which the mandate had long been passed, it was invented by the malevolent just to harm him. No, it never happened to be inherited by a man without a compass and a vision of whom journalists and lawyers were angry enemies with any criticism, and who never heard anything, neither saw about his colleague in the bombs nor about the misuse of AKMIS. For a long time, my country was run by the Constitution, everyone was equal before the law, justice and fairness were a symbol of the rule of law. If you thought otherwise, then you were either a communist or a part of the ‘colorful revolution’ or crazy. Today in my country living is better than ever, life came to everyone especially for those who were silent and sipped their coffee in the cafes, while the slogan “No justice no peace” echoed in the streets. They are now advisers, consultants and experts because they have never done anything, never said or did anything, and all the others who spoke while they were silent with fear are now biased, unnecessary, excessive. Today in my country, all those who have ruined the system, who have dismantled and usurped the institutions live a much better life because they are at the helm of those same institutions, the continuity quietly whispers as an excuse for them. Swarovski judiciary is still governed by the “Swarovski” judges, detention is still punishment, justice is with double standards and as selective as it was before. Judges are no longer pressured by the authorities, but the mental setup is the same, and now they are courting their clientele themselves without asking them to do so. Today in my country, judges are not chosen from a notebook, so we are an advanced country, there are better and more modern ways, and the choice is made by the same ones of the past, which, as it seems, will still be our present. No one was held accountable for anything from the past, neither about the captured state, nor about the ruined institutions, nor about the decade of thefts, corruption, irresponsibility. The great promises, the magic words such as equality, justice, fairness, responsibility are now just whispered quietly, so quietly as if they are a great shame thrown at the dump of the historical opportunity we had. Suddenly those who were most responsible for the situation we were fighting against, became reformers of their own reforms that have been reformed several times. Inclusion, involvement, coverage, is the word that is magically new in my country, the word that is fully applicable, and includes everything that cost us and what should have been brought to justice. But inclusiveness, in such situations, often leads to preclusion, exclusiveness, the time in which is lost everything that demands knowledge of the law.