Contest for Kjose

Erol Rizaov

It is about time that President Ivanov’s Cabinet, in consultation with the scientific experts and his advisers, announce a public contest for a new “Kjose” that will liquidate the number one traitor and enemy of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, and will do a good job, according to the good tradition of the revolutionary organization and according to the directions of 21st century scientists who gave the most important advice to the president, in defense of the territorial integrity of the homeland that is in great danger. The previous unsuccessful attempts of isolation, closing and breaking of Zaev’s head have not yielded the expected results and caused great damage. These unsuccessful attempts have led to the loss of power and definitely the majority to decide and finally remove Gruevski and “Gruevism”, the only dam for the salvation of Macedonia.

In the explanation of President Ivanov sent to parliament, very scientifically sound and for whose preparation were consulted famous academics and university professors, it is precisely stated all the reasons why Zaev should be killed immediately. That “village boy from Strumica” turned out completely unexpectedly, he had a wooden head and an Albanian stubbornness and too stubbornly began to change things that should stay in their place, because they weigh there most. The rocks deep buried underground should not be removed, because they would roll out easily. Because of the wake of evil and removal of the clean, Macedonia is in front of a new great treachery and chaos. The constitutional name of the state, the identity of the Macedonian people and the Macedonian language are sold. The bells alarm, the Macedonian people are losing their identity.

A shameful deal was signed with Bulgaria, a capitulation is being prepared before the ultimatum of Greece with a traitor pact with the EU and NATO. Similar to these, if not worse harmful agreements with Serbia, with Albania, Kosovo, and all former republics of Yugoslavia are coming. All good-neighborly relations are at the expense of Macedonia.

An intense process of Albanianization and an attack on the unitary state of the country have started in the country. Albanians and their clans and associates among Macedonians and other nationalities living in Macedonia will linguistically occupy the entire country. The law under the president’s veto already indicates the processes of disappearance of the Macedonian language together with the state and the Macedonians. Imagine in a bookstore on a bank in Chair and in a library in Kumanovo, employees addressed clients in Albanian language since yesterday. Shocking. Authentic testimonies of social networks were published for that hostile act. A judge asked the defendant whether he wanted to be tried in his language, he waved his hand, although ten years ago when they asked him the same, he accepted. It didn’t make it easier for him from speaking in his mother tongue that he would be in Idrizovo for the next five years. O was shocked too. At PIOM, the employee at the counter addressed me in Turkish. I asked him: Do you speak Turkish with everyone? He started laughing, Of course not, by the time we understand each other the line will be long for miles, he recognized me, and as a Turk, he thought it would be appropriate to speak Turkish. At the hospital, I have seen announcements in various languages on the walls for a very long time. Facebook reports that even dogs started barking in Albanian. This is why it is a sacred duty for every patriot to conduct the fatwa against Zoran Zaev and to liquidate him immediately. The name of the new “Kjose” who will perform the task will be written in the history of the Macedonian people with golden letters as a heroic act in defense of the homeland of the foreign and domestic enemy.

This sacred duty must be completed as soon as the mandate of President Gjorge Ivanov lasts, that the national hero can be protected and immediately abolished from prosecution, and then be awarded the highest recognition for merit for the people. He will be followed by a national pension and all belongings and privileges as a meritorious activist and a revolutionary. Following the example of the veto on President Ivanov’s language use law with his research teams and associates, all processes leading to the EU and NATO can be stopped. The teams can be changed according to the needs of the president who knows well, as well as the whole of Macedonia, the views on individual issues of academics and colleagues university professors, so that various scientific corps led by “Karakamisheva types” and “Karakeles types” will be formed which will make the explanationsfor the veto constitutionally and legally sound. A brilliant scientific team defending the constitutional name, a second top scientific team for defense of language, a third scientific team for the defense of the name and identity, the fourth scientific defense team constitution, the fifth scientific team for the defense of the president. And so with a row of scientist vetting teams.

Basically, without a single word of irony, sincerely from the heart and soul, this is a very sad story that at some point, something that smoldering deep in consciousness, intellectual leaders in the fight against the regime and against Gruevski’s policies and for unmasking Gruevism become like-minded with President Ivanov in a fascist project of restricting the use of other languages ​​in defending the Aryan caste, since the Albanian language would thus threaten the Macedonian and other languages spoken in Macedonia. Articles of the Constitution and various laws are cited, scientific analyzes and various populist chauvinist writings are written about how dangerous it is to expand the use of other languages, especially in Albanian. We also send tents to the Parliament and the slogans of the “Shiptars in gas chambers”, so that we can produce a new generation of VMRO politicians. Besa Arifi has been named as a famous Albanian chauvinist yesterday because she asked in her own column when university teachers advising President Ivanov will start a hunger strike like today’s hawks without claws of VMRO-DPMNE. Then they demanded that the use of the Albanian language in the Higher Pedagogical School would not be allowed, but then gave a lot more.

It seems to me as if everything that is happening to us now is just preparing us for the return of Gruevism, whether with Gruevski or with Miskoski at the helm. This return can only be with 61 MPs, otherwise VMRO-DPMNE cannot come to power. What is the Albanian party that will enter a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE after all this is done by the party and its president? We saw the consequences when VMRO-DPMNE ruled with 61 MP for a decade, and we became the last in the Balkans, the poorest and the least happy.

When the independence of the state is acquired without one shot fired and without any sacrifice, the seizure of liberty does not seem to be a very difficult and worrying thing. On the contrary, whipping is desired because humility in poverty is a guarantee of survival.

And another thing, why is there such hatred and intolerance among the various nations of the Balkans. The answer is that they are all the same when they are the majority, and it seems that it’s similar when they are also the minority.