US says doesn’t support exchange of territories

The United States doesn’t support exchange of territories, says the US embassy to Kosovo.

Its statement reads that the US doesn’t back swapping of territories or the establishment of a precedent that could cause more problems than solutions. “All parties need to be creative in finding solution.”

As part of the Brussels dialogue, it adds, Kosovo and Serbia should normalize relations and the United States is ready to listen, help and be creative in providing support to striking a comprehensive agreement, ‘the only way to secure the pro-Western future for Kosovo and Serbia.’

On Sunday, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said his country and Kosovo could one day have a single president as a “symbol of national unity” between Tirana and Pristina. He noted that the two neighbors, both predominantly ethnic Albanian, already share diplomatic missions around the world, adding: “Why not a single president, as a symbol of national unity?,” AFP reported.