Special award for Macedonian film ‘Golden Five’ in St.Petersburg

Journalists and critics of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily newspaper bestowed a special award to Macedonian director Goran Trencovski for his movie ‘Golden Five’ at the 15th International Festival of Debut and Student Films ‘Beginning’ in St.Petersburg.

The award is a recognition for ‘the consistent search for the historical truth’, the movie producer ‘Revolution Production’ says.

The story revolves around Jiji, Kata and Maki, friends living in 1951 Strumica. When Maki and Kata announce their engagement, Jiji is gripped by jealousy. In a drunken moment, he snitches on Maki and his friends, denouncing them as state enemies. In matter of weeks Maki and his friends are killed by the Secret service. Fifty years later, Jiji and Kata are married, but Jiji’s fragile present is disturbed when a man from Strumica comes in their town threatening to unravel Jiji’s dark secrets…

The film festival, held annually in St.Petersburg, aims to encourage audience interest in the works of young filmmakers from different countries