President Thaci: Kosovo independence – irreversible process

Serbia is only wasting time to obstruct Kosovo, as the country’s independence is an irreversible process, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci says in an interview for the TVN1.

‘I am aware of the challenges we have with the consolidation of Kosovo’s international status. However I am certain that Kosovo will be part of the UN, UNESCO, Interpol and all international organizations,’ Thaci says.

Instead of being engaged with Kosovo, Serbia should focus on resolving own problems, Thaci says.

He reaffirms his expectations for all outstanding issues with Serbia to be resolved this year by reaching an ‘historic’ agreement.

‘That agreement will bring full normalization of our relations and at the same time to reconciliation between our peoples. The Kosovo-Serbia peace will mean peace for the Western Balkans. The message for peace is also one for an Europeanization of the entire region we live in. I hope the agreement would be made in line with the European standards and models,’ Thaci says.

He believes that now the EU, supported by the US, should take active, dynamic and leading role in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

‘This is the right moment for the leaderships of both countries to come to an agreement, which will open the perspective to future generations,’ Thaci says.

In regard to the international court for war crimes in Kosovo, Thaci says Pristina has demonstrated ‘good will’ to accept it for the sake of keeping the strategic partnership with the US, EU and NATO, although he views it as a ‘historical injustice’.