Mogherini demands the lifting of tariffs for dialogue with Serbia to resume

EU chief of diplomacy Federica Mogherini has demanded from the negotiating team to step up its efforts in the three months to come in order to achieve a peace agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. However, according to her, dialogue can only begin once tariffs on Serb goods are lifted by Kosovo.

After the meeting that Mogherini and other EU officials had today in Brussels, one of the heads of the negotiating team, Shpend Ahmeti has stated that Mogherini has demanded Kosovo’s side to lift the tariffs introduced on Serb goods in order for dialogue to resume.

According to Mogherini, this is the only demand that Belgrade has to resume dialogue with Kosovo, but Ahmeti said that the EU is clear about the fact that Kosovo will not lift these tariffs because the Serbian government’s campaign against the recognition of Kosovo’s independence is not stopping.