Kotzias prefers name in Slavic, untranslated, including geographic qualifier

The neighboring country has perceived term ‘Macedonia’ as a national not geographic trait, and now we must find a geographic or territorial qualifier. My wish is for the name to be untranslated, in Slavic language, such as New Macedonia, Vardar Macedonia, Upper Macedonia, says Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

In an interview with Greek TV station Alpha, recorded a few hours after the marathon talks in Vienna earlier in the week, Kotzias revealed details over the Greek positions, the draft-agreement, Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic perspective, mediator Nimetz, but also the stage of the negotiations, MIA reports from Athens.

Kotzias says there were almost 12 hours of continual talks in Vienna, but still no agreement on any of the issues, at least according to his perception. Regarding the statement of the Macedonian PM that three of the seven points in the focus of the talks have been closed, he says it is important how things are interpreted, because “maybe Mr. Zaev thinks that we have agreed on the general principles for a solution of certain problems, and I maybe think of the more practical solution.”

“I think that PM Zaev voices optimism which is good for the talks. We had discussions point by point and when you do this there is basically nothing you agree on. There is an opinion for each point by both sides. What you can do is put these different opinions into a single package. In academic terms, this is package solution, meaning that I will give you something that is not so important for me but more important for you, and you will give me something that is important for me but less important for you. Otherwise, there will be no agreement in place,” explained Kotzias.